What is automatic herbal easy grinder?

Easy grinder is an automated herbal grinder designed to easy your weed-grinding activities. This device can grind your weed with just a touch of the button. More so, you can choose to grind your herb finely our coarsely. This, consequently, will; depend on the pressure you apply on the button. The grinder also has a removable chamber that can accommodate up to 2.5Ggrams of herbs at once.

Another vital feature of the easy weed grinder is an adjustable quantity dispenser provided by smart tip. It is a perfect alternative to the old, outdated, strenuous and tiresome manual grind herbs which offers little or no efficiency when it comes to wee grinding. What’s more, you can easily remove that chamber for the purpose of storage or transportation.

easy grinder introduction

How to use the weed Easy grinder

Easy grinder is generally easy to use. All you need is to remove and refill the chamber with about 2.5gram of herbs. Once you fill the chamber, seal the magnetic wings and your easy grinder is ready for use. Just press the button on your device to start grinding your herbs. The longer you press the herb, the finer the herbs become.

Battery and charging

Easy grinder uses a rechargeable battery for utmost usability. The battery has 4 LED lights monitor which indicate the strength and weakness of the battery. When the 4 LED lights are off, it means that your easy grinder battery is depleted and needs to be recharged. When this occurs, all you need is to shut your device off and connect it to a charging source.

Manual grinding

We understand that there might be cases where you may be out of power of far from a power source; we have included an inbuilt manual grinder for your convenience. This versatility makes the grinder useful and more efficient.

Final Thought

Easy grinder is a modern way to grind your weed. You can decide to grind the herb coarse or fine, depending on how long you press the button. Furthermore, the device comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and indicator which shows the strength or weakness of the battery. What’s more, you can also make use of the manual grinding system in case you are far from a power source.

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